Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Second Life for Books

Secondhand shops are one of my favourite places to find books and I just can't resist popping into the various secondhand bookshops around Auckland. Recently, I discovered Abebooks and ordered a very cheap copy of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons illustrated edition. Funny thing is the shipping costed way more than the actual book. 

Another great find was A Cook's Bible at Jason Books, a handy beginners guide to cooking basically anything. Diagrams and photos demonstrate just about anything as well, techniques on how to carve meats and dice veggies. It doesn't hurt to tweak the recipes and ingredients to improve the dish.

The latest addition is The Complete Stories of Katherine Mansfield from Hard to Find, a nostalgic read and a reminder of good times back in high school when we studied her stories..okay maybe more of the sheningans than the actual studying part. Not to mention the secondhand book shop is loaded with history and has been part of Onehunga Mall since the 1920s. The rooms are filled from floor to ceiling with books and mezzanines that looks down from the top floor. Amazing! Definitely going back again~!

Above A little message left in A Cook's Bible, really makes you wonder about the story behind the book and how it made its way to the secondhand bookshop...

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