Sunday, November 11, 2012

Travel Diaries - Shanghai, The Cool Docks

Recently I went to Shanghai for a two week holiday. I've been back there many times during the summer holidays when I was at school, I usually stay for months. During those times, I tend to be lazy, I'll be either at home all day playing games or out shopping. However, this time, I want to explore this city properly, peeling away the materialistic and modern city facade and step into the heart of the culture. I hope when you guys have the chance to visit this magnificent city, you will also get a chance to experience not just the well known sites and popular destinations but also the small cafes, unique restaurants and other hidden gems of Shanghai.

The Cool Docks or 老码头 in Chinese is the first place I went on the day I landed. It is extremely close to where I live. I just need to take the ferry across the river to Pu Xi and walk 200m and I'm there. They've recently finished transforming the river side into a long walkway for the public. People can take casual strolls and admire the spectacular scenery across the river. Shanghai is known for its night view, so its best to go there during the evenings which is perfect because you can select one of many sophisticated but affordable bars and restaurants situated right next to the side walk. From New York styled pizza to fresh raw oysters bars. You name it, they've got it.

On the ferry crossing the river

There's many varieties of boats on the river (I think this is a traditional fishing boat? I love how in this modernized city, you can see traces of old traditions still being practiced, engraved in the lives of those who live there, those who's unwilling or unable to leave it)

Shanghai can be a maze but you will never get too lost because many streets can lead you to the place you want to go.

This is inside a hip furniture store/cafe, they have the coolest lights (hope they are all energy saving light bulbs)

Before it turned commercial, the buildings beside the river were factories, now some of the top floors are rented to artists or designers.

 If you walk far enough, you will find a large complex filled with more restaurants. Boy, it is busy that night, most of the restaurants are filled with people. (I was lucky enough to take some shots without people face-bombing my photos lol)  
Btw I had the best Malaysian curry and picked vegetable, oh my lord, was it great.

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