Sunday, August 26, 2012


In the past, whenever I walked pass a Lush store, I cannot help but notice the strong aromatic sent that it diffused. I've never taken any interest of it and thought the smell too "overly pleasant". (You'll  know what I mean if you ever walked into Lush) 

However, recently (ever since I discovered Essiebutton!) I constantly find myself casually wondering into my local Lush store. I guess I am mostly drawn towards their claim of how their products are all "hand made" and organic.

From Left to Right
Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel
Eau Roma Water Toner
Love Lettuce Mask 
Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

Left Eau Roma Water
I've read a lot of reviews about this toner because I've been indecisive for ages on whether I should give it a try or not. Although this toner is very refreshing and great for the summer, many people commented on how its not really worth spending the money on. Mainly because it only consists of two simple ingredients, Lavender and Rose Water, which you can purchase from the supermarket and DIY the toner yourself for maybe less than a quarter of the price. But I decided to buy it anyway and see for myself. So. after using it for a few weeks, the verdict is...yes it is indeed quite nice and refreshing, it helps to remove cleanser and make up residue too. However, I haven't really noticed much difference in my skin. Then again I haven't really be using it for long...haha..we'll see, we'll see. (still undecided on whether I really need to add toner into my daily routine though)

Right Rub Rub Rub
I quite like this shower scrub/gel. I love the sea salt in it. This scrub really helps to hydrate my skin, making it a lot smoother. But I did notice the way all the dense ingredients all sunk to the bottom when I first opened it. So every time I apply this, I have to use a spoon to re-blend everything...sighhh....

From Top to Bottom
Rub Rub Rub 
Love Lettuce Mask
Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

I love the smell of the blueberries in the Catastrophe Cosmetic. It is indeed beautiful. But one problematic thing I realized after using Lush Mask is that: Man. It does not last.....long. They expire in a month after the are made. I remember the day that I bought it, I was looking at the packaging in the car. I panicked when I found out that I had only two and a half weeks to use it. So I thought to myself: okaayyy. you are gonna use this twice a week and then you are gonna get your mum to use it and your friends to use it and your colleague to use it...hmm...I wonder if guys are into this.... But those of you who know me know I'm not a very consistent person when it comes to routines. Sadly, the poor little tub is still sitting in my fridge, neglected and way overdue. So  I guess the bottom line is that when you decide to buy Lush masks, you really have to commit to them. 

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