Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fine Garage Dining

I've been a huge fan of the Food Truck show, so when I found out there was going to be a Food Truck restaurant opening not far from the university, the temptation was too much. This was the second time I've been to the Food Truck Garage but a first for the friends I went with. They don't do reservations since it's more of a takeaway - fast food eating experience but HEALTHY. The waiting list was getting longer and longer even after we arrived and waited for our table for six starving students.

Looking around while waiting and feasting with our eyes, the "garage" has a shed-like and rustic feel, creating a cosy and vibrant atmosphere within. The staff were amazing and reassured us the table turnover rate is quite fast and our table will be available soon. Outside, the iconic Bedford food truck is parked right next to the restaurant which acts as a second kitchen.

Normally, you pay at the counter before being seated, but because of the line at the register, we got to order at our table and pay after we finished. We forgot about the money and focused on our gluttonious impulses, hence when the food arrived our table, it became brimming with food. Paua hot dogs, chicken and vege wraps, beef-beetroot burgers, baked chips, spring rolls and prawn tacos, we did not hold back.

I managed to swap half of my wrap with a friend for half of her beef-beet burger, which was delicious! No way was I able to try everything if I didn't share the food around. Each plate portion was very filling and it was nice to see how they improved on the recipe after the opening week. The highlight of the night would be the prawn tacos! The toastiness of the taco filled with tangy spicy sauces and tender prawns blew my mind (and taste buds). The only downside, partially my fault for not realising we will be seated outside, was ordering the chicken and vege wrap which I was expecting to be hot. It was a chilly evening, even under the outdoor heater, maybe I would have enjoyed it more as a meal for lunch or if it wasn't so cold outside. Would be nice if the wrap was more toastier. One thing is for certain, after the feast you don't get the same bloaty or salty aftertaste as other takeaway restaurants. Instead you feel full and somewhat refreshed. The flavours were carefully balanced while keeping the taste buds guessing.

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