Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Little and Friday

Food. Good food, isn't hard to find when you are surrounded by foodies. One of the picks was Little and Friday Cafe and I glad to have skipped breakfast (woke up too late again) and feasted on lunch. A bunch of us all squished into one car and went on a food adventure.

The little cafe is situated within Martha's fabric shop in New Market, which is not hard to find but parking can be a bit of a hassle due its popularity. As we waited for our delicious choices to grace our table, I want around and had a look at the fabrics. Each as intricate and detailed in design as the baking on display. I wasn't sure why I picked the chocolate hazelnut muffin, but it looked gorgeous and I was already feasting with my eyes.
Many of the delicious morsels can be found in the Little and Friday recipe book.  I gave the banana muffin recipe a go and it was divine! (I even attempted making the caramel and cream cheese icing... sadly they weren't as easy as I thought.) Now I know what I want for my birthday... *wink*

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