Sunday, April 21, 2013

DIY Mountain Pillow

We've reached the age where we think late night visits, tea drinking, moching eating while listening to Frank Ocean (♫ ♪ Channel Orange - Lost) is a cool activity. (not to mention pigging out on a large box of ferreo rocher.) It's pretty nice to chat about random thing with friends, especially close, intimate ones where you can say just about anything without having the feeling of being judged. It also shows that you really don't have to get drunk to have a good time (although a small glass of alcohol wouldn't harm any soul). 

We have an unopened bottle of merlot sitting in the cupboard, I've been meaning to try out a nice old mulled wine recipe. Who says you can only drink mulled wines during Christmas? Or live in Europe? I say screw conventions, It's getting cold over here in the southern hemisphere, we have wind here too and rain. I need to have some to warm myself. I saw this recipe on Frankie magazine that looks pretty simple and delicious, I will give it a go when I come around to making it.

Anyways, I've gone completely out of topic for this post. So the other day, I was just casually browsing Pinterest looking for a cool DIY (I was in the mood for some serious crafting) and I came across this tutorial for making this awesome looking mountain pillow. If you guys are interested, the tutorial can be found here.

I think it really adds a little whimsical ambience into your home. If you can't find the materials they've described, you can always opt for something similar. Who says it has to be exactly the same? By all means you can make your mountain green. We went for polar fleece because they are nice and soft when you hug it and plus they were on sale lol. 

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